Diamonds 2021 - Beauty Services
Diamonds 2021 - Beauty Services

Diamonds 2021 - Beauty Services

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You are booking a service for the Diamonds Fitness Pageant on the 2nd May 2021. 



If any show date is moved you will automatically be transferred to the new show date at no extra cost.

You are entitled to a refund IF requested within 7 days of making payment. After the 7 day period you will not be entitled to a refund no matter the circumstances. However you can transfer to any other show of your choosing within a 24 month period. 

Your tan is a part of your mark and needs to be perfect! Do not take the risk and apply your tan yourself.  

Your options are: 

Hair - 30-minute slot -£60 

Makeup - 30 Minute slot -£60 

Hair and Makeup - 60-minute slot £120 


Please note: Refunds can be provided if you request within 7 days of placing your order.

If you book your service after the 24th April 2021 you will not be eligible for a refund after payment has been made but will be entitled to a transfer.