Skin Prep

Preparing your skin for your Fitness Model Show 
You will want to start prepping your skin 6-3 weeks out from show date 
The following is information on how to prep your skin in the lead up to the show. you will need: 
Exfoliator gloves (they are usually £1 for shops)
Exfoliator scrub (you will find scrub at most supermarkets) 
Face wipes - ladies (to remove any makeup ahead of first layer of tan) 
Socks - Gentleman to protect your manly area 
Flip Flops 
Loose Clothing
Then follow the below instructions:  
How to use an exfoliator 
- get in the shower - turn the shower on ;)
- put gloves on 
- put some scrub on to the gloves 
- GENTLY exfoliate your body (gently you are not trying to take your skin off, just the lose dry skin) 
- exfoliate whole body and focus on areas like ankles, knees and elbows
Hair Removal 
We recommend that if you plan to wax that you do so 7 days before show day. This will allow your skin a chance to recover and for hair follicles to close. 
If you are planning to use a hair removal cream, please be sure to test the product in advance to make sure that you don't have an adverse reaction.  If using this method of hair removal please remove hair 2-3 days before show day 
If you are shaving then please do this the day before you get your first layer of tan 
Please note the sugar waxing is the recommended method of removing body hair, as it is kind to your skin. Waxing removes the hair better than Shaving will. 
Day of tan
No deodorant, perfumes or body sprays as this can turn the tan green 
No moisturisers as this can stop your tan developing properly 
Remove Makeup 
Nail polish clear for you boys as stops your nails staining 
(ladies we assume you will have your nails painted for the big day)
Tie long hair up on top of your head - for those that need it hair nets will be provided)
In the tanning booth 
Girlies naked (or you can purchase nipple covers and strapless thongs via our website) 
Guys bring your sock 
You will each be given individual after care advice listen to your tanner on if and when you can shower. 
After your tan  tan 
Loose clothing dark colours just in case of transfer 
Flip flops 
Ladies we recommend a dressing gown (NOT A SATIN ONE
Ladies buy a shewee or a disposable cup, this will aid you in going to the bathroom. 
Dark sheets or loose clothing in bed ..... If you like to cuddle yourself at night SOCKS on hands .... Boys and girls you don't want tanned hands or a messed up tan 
Also cling film around the toilet to stop any transfer of tan. Or pop a squat, no better time to practice. 
When using the toilet AIM, that goes for you too ladies.
And that is how you need to prep your skin for a show.